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July 20, 2019

Huong Nga Fine Arts New Brand Identity

Huong Nga Fine Arts Co., Ltd. was established in 1988 in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. It boasts a proud tradition of fine manufacturing indoor lacquer-ware furniture and hand-crafted accessories of unsurpassed quality.

We have furnished Vietnamese lacquer furniture to thousands of clients and made our Vietnamese conical hat logo recognized worldwide. However, since the current logo is an old design, we decided to create a new logo to show more about our core values.

Huong Nga Fine Arts’ original brand

The passion for perfection and preservation of the heritage of traditional lacquer techniques has always been our goal. These fundamental characteristics award us competitive advantages. It is the foundation of the branding and marketing plan.

Design scape of Huong Nga Fine Arts new brand

After several design sessions, we came up with a logo that not only represents the quality and uniqueness of the products, but also the heritage of the lacquer technique which the products were made. The traditional lacquer process is our inspiration to create the new logo.

1.- The main icon of the logo is a representation of the lacquer process: the layers of lacquer on the products.

2.- The company’s name in a simple font in order to give an elegant and modern spirit.

3.- The black and gold colors represent two of the most common colors used on traditional high-quality lacquer products.

4.- The logo is composed of geometrical shapes in order to be memorable and easily identified by everyone, also not to subdue the image of the company products.

5.- A pattern of wood in the background gives a hint of the product’s material and makes the design more dynamic and pleasing.

New brand identity design process

A simple and elegant new logo that showcases Huong Nga Fine Arts as a high-end furniture brand with the heritage of traditional lacquer techniques.

Huong Nga Fine Arts new brand

Huong Nga Fine Arts new brand implementation concepts

Huong Nga Fine Arts new brand identity applied on website concept

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