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Lacquer Care at Huong Nga Fine Arts

Each creation of lacquer product from Huong Nga Fine Arts workshop is the result of a time-honoured process. There are totally 13 coats of lacquer which makes them very durable and long-lasting. However lacquer wares should be handled carefully in a proper way. The list below shows a few of lacquer care techniques to assist you in maintaining the beauty and quality of your product for many years.


– Keep the lacquer products out of direct sunlight and extreme heat.
– Keep your lacquer products in a moderately controlled climate (average 60% humidity).


– Do not use chemicals and hot water to clean the lacquer products.
– Do not soak.
– Use a dry or damp soft cloth to wipe away dust and moisture.
– Hand wash your lacquer products with mild dish detergent, no dishwasher.
– Rinse your lacquer products with warm water and dry immediately.